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Hornby 2015 Announcement

Hornby Hobbies have announced their 2015 programme of new models, which specifically for Southern Electric modellers will comprise of:

In head-to-head competition with Kernow/DJ Models a Class 71 (HA) electric locomotive. Specific details of this model are still awaited but it is believed to be a single version - the National Railway Museum's E5001. A product number has yet to be published for this and it is not yet advertised by Hornby for pre-ordering.

Deferred from a previous year, presumably not to be ahead of the launch of real thing
R3215 Class 373 Eurostar driving cars pack in new Eurostar livery
R4580 Clas 373 Eurostar divisible centre saloons in new Eurostar livery

R3340 2Hal in BR green with full yellow front
R3341 2Hal in BR blue with full yellow front

R3346 92009 "Marco Polo" in DB Schenker livery
R3347 92019 "Wagner" in Railfreight overbranded EWS livery