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More Dapol Class 73s (eventually)

Dapol's new highly specified and detailed Class 73 models were first announced in 2012 originally for delivery in early 2013, but they are not now expected to appear for some time. However, the long gestation period for the originally announced models - both standard Dapol products and special commissions - has not stopped them announcing three more versions for their "2014" range, including the first of the promised JAs:

  • 4D-006-004 E6003 in green with lower grey panels. This has been announced as BR green but we hope it is BR(S) coach green to avoid repeating the mistake Lima once made!
  • 4D-006-005 E6039 in BR early blue with small yellow warning panels. I am not convinced there ever was an "early" blue, merely the airless spraying method first used to apply it which gives the impression of a different shade.
  • 4D-006-006 73138 in Civil Engineers grey and yellow ("Dutch")