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Bachmann MLV - Second Production Batch

The second batch of Motor Luggage Vans from Bachmann appeared in June 2014. Of the four liveries produced two are regular catalogue items and two are limited editions.

The two catalogue versions are:
Bachmann 31-269 S68008 Jaffa Cake livery
31-269 in London & South East Sector ("Jaffa Cake" - unlined version) livery S68008
Bachmann 31-268 68004 in Network SouthEast livery
and 31-268 in Network SouthEast livery 68004/9004
Invicta Model Rail 31-267Z S68004 in BR blue livery
Invicta Model Rail commissioned 31-267Z in BR Corporate Blue S68004
Bachmann Colectors' Club 31-265K 68004 in Royal Mail red livery
whilst for its members the Bachmann Collectors' Club had its parent company produce 31-265K in Royal Mail (1980s) red livery 68004/9004

In terms of both construction and decoration these are produced to the same extremely high standard as described in our original review of this model. Virtually all liveries carried by MLVs have now been produced; "Jaffa Cake" with black lining is one livery which still not available.