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Hornby Class 395

Hornby will be producing alternative versions of their Hitachi high speed units. R2972 will represent 395003 as a 4 car unit, there being no news yet of the two additional MSOs required to make this up to the correct 6 car formation.

In addition there is their R1139 "Blue Rapier" train set featuring a 3 car Javelin unit produced with less detail for younger users. Separate less detailed MSOs will be available for this (R4438). This latter item could prove to be an economical resource for projects!

Finally one hesitates to mention the R1148 London 2012 Olympics train set ("limited" to a production of 2012 sets) and R2961 train pack, both featuring trains decorated with pictograms of Olympic sports. Who knows, maybe real units will be vinyled in such a fashion when they are used for Olympic Shuttle trains in 2012?