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Bachmann developments

Just in case you have missed this, Bachmann have taken over development and production of Kernow Model Rail Centre's 2H "Thumper" units. This will benefit the project due to Bachmann already having Southern Electric knowledge and expertise with their 4Cep models and forthcoming 2EPBs, not to mention the synergies and economies of common elements.

Hopefully before the end of the year Bachmann will also be releasing alternatively numbered versions of their 4Cep models.

Finally, hope for modellers of the current day Southern Electric system. Their 2010 programme of new models features Siemens Desiro Class 350/1 and 350/2 units. This produces the possibility of South West Trains Class 450 versions in the future. Unfortunately the London Midland 350/1 unit they have chosen to model is one which did not run the Milton Keynes - East Croydon service last year. Of course renumbering and removal of the nameplate is always an option. For the impatient wanting a South West Trains model it will be interesting to see how these models are constructed, for on this will rest how easy it will be to modify and repaint.