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4mm scale conductor rail components

Scalefour Society launches first accurate 4mm scale conductor rail components

etched brass and plastic supports

The Scalefour Society is now producing accurate scale conductor rail supports made of etched brass and plastic to go with its scale correct section 150 lb/yard conductor rail.  These supports can, according to construction, be used to represent outer third rail and lower centre 4th rail for London Underground tracks and low supports for Southern third rail.  Each packet will provide between 60-70 supports, depending upon type being modelled. This is equivalent to at least 2.3 metres of plain 3rd rail track.  The cost of a pack is £4.50.  End ramps, as nickel-silver castings, for Underground tracks are also available.  These components are only available via mail order to Scalefour Society members, however non members can buy them at Scalefour Society exhibitions.  The SEG Modelling Secretary did just this in September at Scaleforum 2006 and hopes to find the time to lay a test length of track to compare them to Peco Individulay conductor rail components.  So photos to follow ....... eventually!