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Railway Operations during the Olympics: Windsor and Eton Riverside

Windsor and Eton Riverside was South West Trains' gateway to Eton Dorney for the rowing, canoeing and kayak events.

Windsor E Drny PIS at Clapham Junctin At stations en route (though not at Waterloo) trains were advertised as going to "Windsor E Drny", as shown at Clapham Junction on 11th August.
Olympcs signage at Windsor & Eton Riverside Rowing and Canoeing took place at Eton Dorney, which was served by a shuttle bus service from Windsor & Eton Riverside station and the familiar magenta Olympics signage points visitors in the right direction to the bus.
Passengers arriving at Windsor and Eton Riverside on 11th August Passengers arriving at Windsor and Eton Riverside on 11th August, with no shortage of signage to guide them to the venue.
Platform 2 relief entrance At busy times access to the station was via the side entrances to platform 2, with a barrier in place to separate those entering the station from those arriving on trains.  The station toilets are small, so portable ones were provided on platform 2. So platform 2 was the relief arrangement in more than one sense!
Queuing arrangements outside the station Queuing arrangements outside the station.