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Railway Operations during the Olympics: Blackheath (for Greenwich Park Equestrian Events)

466005 at Blackheath on 5t August with the 0924 Gillingham to Charing Cross Note the temporary footbridge from the up platform to the car park. 466035 leading the 09:24 from Gillingham to Charing Cross on 5th August into Blackheath. At this time there were no swarming crowds on either platform!
Blackheath Station car park potentially used as a crowd queing area Blackheath Station car park was closed to act as a holding area for passengers to regulate flow onto the platforms. This composite shot is after the events at Greenwich Park had finished on the afternoon of 5th August and there was no waiting at all.  However, quite a few visitors may have diverted to watch Andy Murray on the big screen on Blackheath before travelling home.