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Class 460 Gallery Page 1

460001 heading towards Victoria from Clapham Junction with the 1120 departure from Gatwick Airport on 1st August 2007

Seen here on 1st August 2007 with Delta Airlines promotional branding speeding out of Clapham Junction for Victoria with the 11:20 departure from Gatwick Airport. Note this end of the unit is without its cowling over the emergency coupling.

photograph by Colin Duff
460001 approaching Gatwick airport on the slow line on 31st August 2007
At the end of the month the DMSO of 460001 is still without its coupler cowling as it approaches Gatwick Airport on the slow line with the 11:15 from Victoria on 31st August 2007.

photograph by Colin Duff
460002 departing Gatwick Airport with the 1220 to Victoria on 10th November 2010

2010 and a minority of the Class 460 fleet carries Emirates branding. 460002 is departing Gatwick Airport for Victoria with the 12:20 service on 10th November 2010.

photograph by Colin Duff
460003 departing Gatwick  Airport with the 1235 to Victoria on 31st August 2007

Back to 2007 and Delta Airlines branding, 460003 forms the 12:35 Gatwick Airport to Victoria service on 31st August, seen here about two minutes north of Gatwick Airport station (crossing from the slow line to the Quarry Line it is not travelling fast!)

photograph by Colin Duff
460004 passing through Clapham Junction with a down working on 4th October 2002

Only about two years old, 460004 passes through Clapham Junction with a down working on 4th October 2002.

photograph by Colin Duff