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Interior Details

All photographs on this page are by Colin Duff unless otherwise credited

cab interior of vehicle 67623 from 8023 A rare view of a cab interior, well you can see for yourself from which vehicle and unit! (For those who use screen readers for the visually impaired, the unit's identity is in the meta data.) photograph by Dave Hickson

(below left) vestibule and doors into 1st class saloon (u8026 29th June 2006)
(below right) 1st class saloon (u8020 29th June 2006)

door vestibule to 1st salooon 1st class saloon

(below left) door vestible in DMCO (u8020 29th June 2006)
(below right) interior of standard class saloon of DMCO (u8020 29th June 2006)

door vestibule standard class saloon

(below left) doors between cars within a unit (u8020 29th June 2006)
(below right) a six seater seating bay in standard class - note the blue heavy horizontal rails below the window.  Although the unit is airconditioned windows can be opened in an emergency  (u8020 29th June 2006)

doors between cars standard class seating bay

(below left) the disabled access lavatory in the PTSO (u8020 29th June 2006)
and (below right) the tip-up seats along side it (u8020 29th June 2006)

disabled access lavatory tip up seats
wheelchair space in PTSO wheelchair space in PTSO

(above left) PTSO wheelchair space in two seater rows and (above right) in three seater rows
(both u8013 6th September 2006)

standard lavatory (left) the lavatory in the MSO (u8020 29th June 2006)
old non compliant PIS
new compliant PIS
Comparing the old non RVAR compliant passenger information display (u8020 29th June 2006) and the new 40mm display fitted to the seven units still in service ( u8029 6th September 2006).   Unit 8020 has since been fitted with new 40mm displays. Note that the passenger information display was only one eight items of non RVAR compliance.