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Exterior Details

All photographs on this page are by Colin Duff unless otherwise credited

airconditioning unit airconditioning unit, u8028 5th June 2006
pantograph well pantograph well, u8028 5th June 2006
rooftop view general view of roofs along a unit, left to right DMCO, PTSO, MSO, DMCO, u8028 5th June 2006
lessor's plate on end of 458021 The lessor's plate on the end of the DMCO(B) of 8021.  Note 4 JOP is an official designation though under Southern Region convention arguably it should be 4 Jop!
(6th September 2006)
gangways between units back in use again (8009 and 8019 1st August 2007)
no gangways between units gangways between units when long since out of use (8010 & 8026 29th June 2006)
gangways and connections between cars gangway and connections between adjacent cars (MSO to DMCO u8010 29th June 2006)
coupler Scharfenberg coupling (u8015 4th October 2002)
coupler whilst unist coupled together units 8019 and 8021 coupled together (6th September 2006)
exterior of disabled lavatory window blanks to disabled access lavatory in PTSO (u8010 29th June 2006)
exterior of other lavatory window blank to lavatory in MSO (8020 29th June 2006)