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Exterior Details

I hope the following exterior detail shots will be of use to historians and modellers alike. I have endeavoured to cover most aspects but inevitably there were some aspects I was unable to capture or the photo was too poor a quality to illustrate the point. If you have any good quality photographs that fill the gaps, please contact the webmaster.

All photographs on this page are by Colin Duff unless otherwise credited

(below) DMCO underfloor equipment one side - front of unit to right (u8019 19th June 2006)
DMCO underfloor 1
(below) DMCO underfloor equipment other side - front of unit to left (u8019 19th June 2006)
DMCO underfloor 2
(below) MSO underfloor equipment one side  (u8019 19th June 2006)
MSO underfloor 1
(below) MSO underfloor equipment other side  (u8020 29th June 2006)
458uf_mso2.jpg (20941 bytes)
(below) PTSO underfloor equipment one side (u8010   7th June 2006)
PTSO underfloor 1
(below) PTSO underfloor equipment other side (u8026 29th June 2006)
what you are seeing is mostly the platform wall behind!
ptso underfloor 2
8021 DMCO outer bogie un-motored bogie with pickup (DMCO of 8021)
8021 DMCO inner bogie motored bogie (DMCO of 8021)
8021 PTSO outer bogie un-motored bogie (PTSO of 8021)

The formation of bogies on a 458 is:

2-Bo 2-Bo 2-2 Bo-2
74105 without the rest of 8005 A rare shot of a car by itself, MSO 74105 (of 8005) at Eastleigh undergoing water testing following modifications to its airconditioning.

photograph by Dave Hickson