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Units 8011-8015

8011 in Clapham Yard In mid July 1999 8011 was reported to be under construction at Washwood Heath. The unit was delivered May 19th 2000 and was on test out of Wimbledon June 2000. During the autumn of 2000 8011 had its gangways modified at Alstom Eastleigh and was back Wimbledon by November. The unit entered service during late February 2001. However the unit was receiving attention at Eastleigh within a month and underwent modifications at Stewarts Lane November/December 2002.


(left) 8011 stabled in Clapham Yard on 18th December 2005.
photograph by Phil Scott

During February 2006 8011 was reported to have been out of service for months. However it was noted on a series of test trips (purpose unknown) between Wimbledon and Eastleigh during July and early August 2005. The unit was moved to Clapham yard on 6th December 2005 where it was stored unserviceable and returned to Wimbledon on 21st February 2006. On Friday 7th July 8011+8015 were moved from Wimbledon Park to Bournemouth TM&RSD as the 10.10 5B39 working, the second pair of units to be prepared for return to the lessor. However, on 20th November 2006 8013 hauled 8011 back to Wimbledon to prepare for this unit to be re-activated. On 24th November the trailer standard from this unit was removed by road from East Wimbledon Depot for experimental modifications to its universal (disability accessible) lavatory. It is believed this trailer arrived back at Wimbledon - again by road - on 23rd February 2007. 8011 re-entered service on 1st May, the penultimate unit of the class to do so.


8012 at Virginia Water 8012 was delivered 19th May 2000 and went on tests out of Wimbledon. The unit moved was to Eastleigh on 14th August but was back at Wimbledon by the end of the month. During the autumn of 2000 8012 had its gangways modified at Alstom Eastleigh and was back Wimbledon by November.

The unit had another sojourn at Eastleigh during March 2001. It was in traffic by 4th May 2001 and back in "works" (unreported which) a year later, not being back in service until August 2002. It appears this unit likes Eastleigh in May because it was reported being back there in May 2003.

8012’s last working is reported to have been the 18.52 Reading to Waterloo on the 22nd June 2006 whereupon it retired to Clapham Yard.  This unit was observed back in service on 11th December. On 26th January 2007 it was out with 8005 on a test run to Woking. On 28th January 2009 8012 went back to Bournemouth, believed to be for some rectification work, and then accompanied 8007 to Wimbledon three days later.

8012 went down to Bournemouth T&RSMD on 21st November 2008 for refreshing and returned in the company of 8026 on New Year's Eve.

(above) 8012 at Virginia Water on 17th August 2004.
photograph by Chris Nevard


8013 about to go under the bridge at Richmond

(left) 8013, led by 8006, departing Richmond on an up working on 5th December 2005.
photograph by John Atkinson




8013 was delivered to Wimbledon on 10th July 2000. By January 2001 it was reported as carrying test equipment. The unit received attention at Alstom Eastleigh in March 2001 and was in service by May 2001. 8013 received further attention during summer 2002 and was back in traffic around August.

On 27th May 2002 one bogie of DMOC 67713 derailed at Farnham. In 2003 on 6th January 8013 working with 8024 failed between Esher and Hersham arriving at Woking over 4 hours late. The unit then went to Eastleigh for attention being back in service during May 2003.  This unit is one of the pool of eight that has continued to work since August.   It has been fitted with new 40mm  passenger information displays.  Along with other modified units it was withdrawn from service at the end of September but following modifications has since returned to work. It is believed this unit received further modifications during July 2007 to fit door well lights and CCTV. 8013 moved with 8018 to Bournemouth for refreshment on 9th March 2009 and returned to Wimbledon on 27th March. It was again reported being piloted back, this time by 8007, to Wimbledon on 7th April.


8014 and 8021 approaching Clapham Junction 8014, with 8021 behind, approaching Clapham Junction on   21st November 2005 with the 08.12 from Reading.

photograph by Don Benn

8014 was delivered to Wimbledon on 10th July 2000. The unit was sent to Eastleigh for modifications, returning to Wimbledon on February 1st 2001 It was reported as commencing passenger carry service on 13th February 2001. Ten months to the day later 8014+8018 failed at Surbiton with overheating brakes. 8014 was taken to Eastleigh for attention from whence it emerged in March 2002.

In February 2006 it was reported that 8014 had been stabled at Farnham since the timetable change the previous December. However, the unit was in service on 15th February 2006 for first time in many months and its last working was the 22.12 Redaing to Waterloo on 6th March 2006. The unit was then stored at Wimbledon, berthed at Clapham Yard between 5th May and 26th June, and was moved with 8022 from Wimbledon to Bournemouth TM&RSMD on 12th July 2006 to be prepared for handing back to the lessors.  On 15th September 8014, with 8005, moved under their own power from Bournemouth to Wimbledon, for reasons unknown, the pair returning on September 22nd. On the 14th November 2006 8028 hauled this unit back to Wimbledon to prepare for it to be re-activated. 8014 and 8017 were out on a test run on 14th December and on December 20th 8014 and 8022 took a test run to Guildford.This unit had been returned to service by 15th January 2007. On 3rd September 2008 8006 piloted this unit to Bournemouth T&RSMD for refurbishment. It was piloted back to Wimbledon on 14th October by 8024


8015 at Clapham Junction

8015, trailed by 8008, at Clapham Junction on 4th October 2002.
photograph by Colin Duff


8015 was delivered to Eastleigh during October 2000. The unit was added to SWT stock on 22nd November 2000 though still awaiting commissioning. It was still at Eastleigh 1st January 2001 but seen on crew training at Basingstoke later in the month. 8015 entered service late February 2001. During May/June 2002 the unit went into Eastleigh works for attention, emerging in September. It received further attention at Stewarts Lane towards the end of 2002 and yet further fixing at Eastleigh in spring 2003.

On Friday 7th July 8011+8015 were moved from Wimbledon Park to Bournemouth TM&RSD as the 10.10 5B39 working, the second pair of units to be prepared for return to the lessor. 8005 was hauled by 8029 back to Wimbledon on 27th October 2006 to be prepared to be reactivated. 8015 was reported back in service on 11th December. It was widely anticipated that this unit will be the fourth of the class to be refurbished and indeed on 22nd July it travelled down to Bournemouth T&RSMD. It returned to Wimbledon in the company of 8006 on 3rd September and returned to traffic on 8th September 2008.