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Units 8006-8010

8006 and 8013 at Wokingham on a dull winter's day In mid July 1999 8006 was reported as being complete at Washwood Heath and was delivered during December 1999. Having been tested on the Alton line from the end of January, 8005 and 8006 (the first of the "production" units") were the first of the class to enter service on the 25th February 2000. The pair worked ECS from Wimbledon at 06.45 to Alton where there was a press launch at 09.20. They then worked the 10.34 Alton-Waterloo, 11.48 Waterloo-Alton, 13.01 Alton Waterloo and 14.20 Waterloo-Alton, finally ECS to East Wimbledon 15.42. Passengers were allowed to travel in one of the units only. There were no mishaps and it was the first time the class was recorded working into Waterloo. The pair were utilised on similar workings in subsequent weekdays.

8005+8006 failed at Waterloo on 13th March 2000 prior to working the 14.20 to Alton which was cancelled. The units later went back to Wimbledon slowly. These pair of units remained in service until October until stopped for repairs to the leaking unit gangway ends. 8005+8006 returned to service in late 2000 although not permitted to run coupled until gangway ends modifications were certified.

8005+8006 received attention at Eastleigh in December, being back in traffic from 11th December 2000 during the weekday peaks, plus working singly between Guildford-Ascot and Woking-Waterloo. The gangways between the units were out of use and two drivers were required if unit had to reverse where no suitable external walkway.  8006 received further attention at Alstom Eastleigh during October 2002 and July 2003.

The last recorded working of this unit was the 18.52 Reading – Ascot on the 22nd June 2006.  On 4th August this unit was, with 8026, moved from Clapham Yard to Wimbledon depot. This unit was restored to service ahead of the December timetable change, being noted working diagram WM701 on 6th December. On 10th December 2007 8006 travelled to Bournemouth T&RSMD under its own power, it being the pilot unit for refurbishment. It finally returned to Wimbledon, accompanied by 8026 which came down from Wimbledon to pilot it, on 17th June 2008. This unit was taken in the company of 8003 back to Bournemouth on 24th June for rectification work. It was conveyed back to Wimbledon on 8th July with 8020 and at the time of writing has yet to return to service. On 18th August it went down to Weymouth and was used overnight for pre regenerative braking tests between Weymouth and Wareham where it is reported to have performed very well. The unit returned to Wimbledon after the tests. 8006 was used a a pilot unit on 3rd September conveying 8014 to Bournemouth for refurbishment and returning with 8015. For some reason 8006 did not return to service for a long time. It made a test trip between Clapham Yard and Wimbledon on 8th October and finally returned to traffic the next day.

(above)  8006 leading 8013 into Wokingham on the 5th December 2005. 
photograph by John Atkinson

8007 and 8028 approaching Richmond
In mid July 1999 8007 was reported as being under construction at Washwood Heath. It was delivered on 8th February 2000 and on 21st March was taken to Stewarts Lane for modifications. 8007 was slightly damaged on arrival due to collision with buffers. 8007 returned to Wimbledon on 9th August 2000. By late 2000 8007 had still not been commissioned. The unit was noted at Eastleigh on 16th March 2001 but moved back to Wimbledon later in that month. 8007 was noted as being in traffic by 4th May 2001. The unit received modifications during November and December 2002 but contemporary reports show it receiving attention at both Eastleigh and Stewarts Lane.

8007+8016 were reported worked the 20.50 Waterloo to Woking service on 7th April 2005. The unit did not work from February 2006 until May 25th 2006 when it worked Wimbledon Park - Hampton Court ECS and return for filming purposes. On June 21st 8003 and 8007 were moved to Bournemouth TM&RSD to be prepared to be returned to the lessors, the first pair to receive such attention. 8007 was moved back to Wimbledon, hauled by 8030, on 24th October 2006 to be prepared to be reactivated.  It had returned to service by 1st February 2007.

During November 2008 8007 was used with 8026 on gangway trials and then on Christmas Eve went to Bournemouth for refreshing. It returned to Wimbledon in the company of 8012 on 31st January 2009. On 7th April this unit did a round trip to Bournemouth to collect 8013.

Goinhg west - 8007 and 8003 through Eastleigh (above) Well film star 8007 did go on to make further appearances as it is seen here trailed by 8028 approaching Richmond with the 10.20 Waterloo to Reading service on 5th June 2006.
photograph by Colin Duff

(left) photographer Mike Cook captured 8007 leading 8003 through Eastleigh on their way to Bournemouth TM&RSD on June 21st 2006.

8008 and 8015 departing Clapham Junction
In mid July 1999 8008 was reported as being under construction at Washwood Heath. It was delivered on 8th February 2000 and on 21st March was taken to Stewarts Lane to be put into store. 8008 was noted on test at Eastleigh during July 2000. The unit was recorded at Wimbledon by November 2000 and entered service in May 2001.

8008 went to Eastleigh for modifications in March 2002 and by May/June was reported as having left. However, 8008 was noted back at Eastleigh between August and September, but also noted at Stewarts Lane for attention during December 2002 and at Eastleigh during July 2003. In February 2006 8008 was noted to have been out of service for months.

The last recorded working of 8008 was on the 24th October 2005 with the 0925 Reading to Waterloo service. It then berthed at Clapham Yard until moved to Wimbledon ECS at 13+00.  On the 4th August 2006 this unit, with 8004, went to Bournemouth T&RSMD to be prepared for handing back to its lessors. 8008 was moved back to Wimbledon on 1st November 2006 to be prepared to be reactivated. 8008 was noted on a test run on 18th December.  It had returned to service by 28th December. It was observed working a test run with 8027 between Wimbledon and Eastleigh on 23rd January 2007. This unit went down to Bournemouth for refreshing on 31st March 2009.

(above) 8008 at the rear of 8015 departing Clapham Junction for Waterloo on 4th October 2002.
photograph by Colin Duff

8009 heading towards Waterloo through North Sheen In mid July 1999 8009 was reported as being under construction at Washwood Heath. And was delivered to Stewarts Lane on 2nd March 2000 reaching Wimbledon on 3rd April . It was moved to Alstom Wembley for modifications sometime around May 2000 returning to Wimbledon on the 9th August. The unit was noted on test with 8017 on January 17th 2001, both being due to go to Eastleigh two days later. 8009 returned to Wimbledon 28th March 2001. However, contemporary reports then get confused. The unit entered revenue earning service by 9th May 2001. In February 2006 8009 was noted to have been out of service for months. The last recorded working was the 21.50 Waterloo to Reading on 29th October 2005 and then ECS back to Clapham Yard. 8009 then did some shuffling between Wimbledon and Clapham Yard, being moved to Wimbledon on 31st October, to Clapham Yard on 6th December and finally back to Wimbledon on the 19th April 2006. 8009 had been returned to service by 16th February 2007. This unit went to Bournemouth for refreshing on 23rd December 2008, it was released on 26th January 2009 and returned to traffic the next day.
8009 about to pass through North Sheen on 5th April 2005.
photograph by Colin Duff
8010 and 8026 climb into Reading station In mid July 1999 8010 was reported as being under construction at Washwood Heath. And was delivered to Stewarts Lane on 2nd March 2000 reaching Wimbledon on 3rd April and undergoing tests during June . 8010 was moved to Eastleigh on 14th August 2000 and returned to Wimbledon by the end of the month. However the unit did not enter traffic until 13th February 2001.

8010 received further attention at Eastleigh in autumn 2001 and was released in November. On December 9th & 12th 2001 the unit was tested between London and Gatwick Airport for riding trials to compare with 460s (which had similar ride problems and had been fitted with bogie dampers). 8010 returned to Eastleigh in March 2002 and following modifications was released in May/June.

Moving forward some four years, on June 30th 2006 8010 was one of the six 458 units working on the last planned day of service with SWT working the WM703/704 diagrams with 8026. However, even that was not the last appearance for this pair because on Friday 28th July, the penultimate weekday 458s were expected to run, they were remarkably running out of Farnham on a diagram taking in Aldershot, Waterloo, Reading and Ascot. This pair also made a further run, on diagrams NT442 and NT451, on 1st August. 8010 had been returned to service by 28th December. On the 28th March 2008 this unit travelled down to Bournemouth T&RSMD, the second 458 unit to undergo refurbishment. 8010 returned to Wimbledon on 9th July and re-entered traffic on 11th July, the second refurbished unit in service.

(above) 8010, trailed by 8026, making its ascent into Reading on 29th June 2006.
photograph by Colin Duff