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Other Juniper EMUs

Alstom produced at Washwood Heath two other series of Juniper EMUs, the 25kV a.c. overhead class 334 and the d.c. conductor rail pickup class 460.

Class 334
334003 at Glasgow Queen Street Low Level 1st September 2006 40 class 334 units were built between 1999 and 2001 for Scotrail / Strathclyde Passenger Transport. These units use a.c. 25kV overhead pickup and are three car units.  Four axles are motored.  They are formed DMSO - PTSO - DMSO, unlike the class 458 there are no corridor connections between units and seating is 2+2 in the driving cars, 3+2 in the centre trailer. The PTSO contains one wheelchair space and a disability accessibly toilet.   They are painted in the attractive retro carmine and cream livery of  Strathclyde Passenger Transport.   Although still not the most attractive of front ends the cab front is better looking than that on the class 458!



(above left) 334003 at Glasgow Queen Street low level on the 1st September 2006.

(left) 334010 at Milngavie, in the weather for which Scotland is renown, on 1st September 2006.

both photographs by Mark Ekiert

334010 at Milngavie 1st September 2006
Class 460
460006 approaching Victoria October 19th 2000 To replace their original class 73-Mk2f-GLV push pull stock selected eight 8 car class 460 Juniper units.  Having d.c. conductor rail pickup these are closer cousins to the class 458.  They were built between 1998 and 1999. These units are formed (in order from the London end) DMLFO - TFO - TCO - MSO - MSO - TSO - MSO - DMSO. (L=luggage) Ten axles are motored.  Seating is 2+1 in first class and 2+2 in standard.  There is a wheelchair space plus disability access toilet in both the TFO and TSO. A third toilet is  in the TCO.  Like the class 334 there is no corridor connection between units (an unlikely requirement on a 8 car unit!), however to strengthen the connection to aviation the cab fronts are fitted with cosmetic GRP streamline fairings - "nose-cones" - which need to be removed if the unit fails and has to be rescued by a locomotive.  Under the nose-cone Scharfenberg couplings are fitted.   sub-leased two former class 458 units for use as a reserve train however this never ran in passenger service and the units have now returned to .

(upper left) Showing its 8 car length to effect, 460006 about to go under Ebury Bridge whilst approaching Victoria on 19th October 2001.

photograph by Colin Duff

(middle left) A rare view of a 460 without its nose jobs. 460003, before introduction to service, whilst testing without its nose cones at Ockley.....

(lower left) .....and Holmwood.

photographs by Belgian Marine

460003 without nose cone at Ockley
460003 minus nose cones at Holmwood