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Class 442 Feature - Contents

Eastbourne - London Bridge Peak Workings Finally Commence
with Refurbished 4422403 + 442402

442403 + 442402 through Penge West on 30th March 2009

Peak workings of Class 442 units between Eastbourne and London Bridge commenced on 30th March with the 07:14 Eastbourne - London Bridge service, 442403 and 442402 doing the honours. This diagram requires units to stable at Streatham Hill before working the 18:22 return service.

(left) The first working up through Penge West

photograph by Colin Price

Refurbished 442407

442407 up through Three Bridges on 30th March 2009

Also on 30th March, but not on the London Bridge working, is our first photograph of refurbished 442407, seen here on a up peak Brighton - Victoria service at Three Bridges.

photograph by Ian Buck

Refurbished 442404

442404 arranging at London Bridge on 1st April 2009

On April 1st, 442404 leads the train from Eastbourne into London Bridge. It is believed, pro-tem, a pair of unrefurbished units will be used whenever possible on this service as their is concern about Gatwick Express branded units being used on a service which does not stop at Gatwick Airport. So there is still a while left to experience travelling in a "snug" with this service being your best chances!

photograph by Ian Docwra

Unrefurbished 2418 and 2423 temporarily pressed into service

2418 and 442403 passing through Earlswood on 21st April with the 17:50 Gatwick - Victoria

In order to allow 2405 and 2413 to be refurbished to Gatwick Express standards whilst maintaining the number of units in service, 2418 and 2423 have temporarily been taken out of store, given a heavy mechanical overhaul at Wolverton and then pressed into service. Meanwhile it is speculated that may eventualy be getting more than their originally intended 17 units. Though 2409 has been stripped for parts and 2422 is believed to be in poor condition, leaving a potential five to be reactivated.

2423 and 442407 crossing to the down fast  at Earlswood on the evening of 21st April 2009

(above) 2418 leading 442403 through Earlswood with the 17:50 Gatwick Airport - Victoria service on 21st April 2009.

(left) Some jiggery-pokery was going on that evening with 2423 and 442407 crossing to the down fast having previously gone up ECS to Redhill. It is believed they were late going up to London and were picking up their intended working at Gatwick from a Class 460.

photographs by Colin Price