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Class 442 Feature - A Fresh Start

Gatwick Pigs Fly!

The first up trip, 2412 leading through platform 12 at Clapham Junction

After an interval of about 22 months, the superb Class 442 "Wessex Electric" units have re-entered passenger service, newly refurbished for Gatwick Express peak Brighton - Gatwick Airport then fast to Victoria (and return) peak workings. Refurbished 2414 and 2412 went back to work on Tuesday 9th December 2008, actually some six weekdays late, with an off-peak Gatwick Airport - Victoria diagram (details as below). However, due to emergency engineering work in the Streatham Common area causing disruption to Brighton line services into Victoria, the Gatwick Express timetable was collapsed to a 30 minute interval. So 2412 and 2414 worked the 11.00, 13.00 & 15.00 off Victoria and the 11.50 & 13.50 off Gatwick Airport.

The first down trip, 2414 about to enter platform 13 at Clapham Junction

Off peak diagram:
5X40 09+10 Lovers Walk - Gatwick
1U40 09.50 Gatwick - Victoria
1D44 10.45 Victoria - Gatwick
1U47 11.35 Gatwick - Victoria
1D51 12.30 Victoria - Gatwick
1U54 13.20 Gatwick - Victoria
1D58 14.15 Victoria - Gatwick
5X58 14+58 Gatwick - Lovers Walk.

2412 was at the London end and 2414 at the country end.

(above) the first up working through Clapham Junction and
(left) the first down working

The second up trip, 2412 leading 2414 towards Victoria
The second down trip approaching Clapham Junction

(above) the second up working heading for Victoria and
(left) the second down working - some 30 minutes late - approaching Clapham Junction

all photographs by Colin Duff
2412 and 2414 passing Salfords on 11th December 2008

On Thursday 11th December, 2412 and 2414 are working the off-peak Gatwick to Victoria diagram and they are seen here passing Salfords. They did not run this diagram the following day due to being prepared to work peak services the following week, as below.

photograph by Don Benn