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Class 442 Feature - A Fresh Start

Press launch at Brighton (Continued)

Interior of first class saloon

Interior of the first class saloon, featuring 2+1 seating with tables.

photograph by Brian Morrison
Standard class saloon

Interior of a standard class saloon. Although the tables feature prominently in this shot, there are only four per car - i.e. all as seen here - the remainder of seating 2+2 being airline style.

photograph by Brian Morrison
Wheelchair position Luggage rack

(far left) The wheelchair position and (left) a luggage rack. The prime use of these units is to increase capacity at peak time for commuters, not for intending airline passengers to and from Gatwick Airport, hence the limited luggage capacity.

photograph by Brian Morrison

Further Driver Training

2414 at Hampden Park on 2nd December 2008

Since the press launch at Brighton, 2414 has been used for driver training in Sussex. Here it awaits departure from Hampden Park on 2nd December 2008.

photograph by Colin Watts
73202 near Merstham on the Quarry Line on 4th December 2008

The new / Gatwick Express incorporating use of Class 442 units during the peaks involves shunting moves at Three Bridges. Driver training for these has been taking place most Tuesdays and Thursdays using the Gatwick Express "thunderbird" locomotive 73202 "Dave Berry" traveling down from Stewarts Lane. Left, the EDL is seen near Merstham traveling down on the Quarry Line on 4th December 2008.

photograph by Ian Buck