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Class 442 Feature - A Fresh Start

Press launch at Brighton

2414 on display at Brighton on 28th November 2008 - London end of unit

The first former Wessex unit, 2414, refurbished for 's Gatwick Express service was unveiled to the press at Brighton on 28th November 2008.

photograph by Andrew Robertson
2414 on display at Brighton on 28th November 2008 - country end of unit

Arguably the classiest looking Southern Electric unit ever built carries this variation of the Gatwick Express livery very well!

photograph by Andrew Robertson
Motor brake composite vehicle of 2414

The motor brake composite vehicle, converted from the former motor brake buffet standard. Note that from the new windows that the former snug and buffet area has been re-built into the first saloon. This is the third, and for some the fourth time this type of car has been rebuilt, each time increasing the passenger accommodation.

photograph by Andrew Robertson
Exterior of first class saloon

Close up of the exterior of the first saloon showing the subtle class markings and narrow yellow cantrail stripe.

photograph by Brian Morrison