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Class 442 Feature - A Fresh Start

Wessies to Eastbourne

2405+2406 down through Willingdon Junction on 25th June 2008
2405+2406 up through Willingdon Junction on 25th June 2008

During the second week of driver training runs, 25th June saw this class run for the first time between Keymer Junction and Eastbourne. 2405 and 2406 are seen above through Willingdon Junction, (left) on the down run and (right) on the return up run.

photographs by Don Benn

2417 in Gatwick Express Livery

2417 newly in Gatwick Express livery passes Paddock Wood on 8th July 2007

2417 emerged from Chart Leacon on 8th July 2008 in unbranded Gatwick Express livery, the first class 442 unit to receive such treatment. It is seen here passing Paddock Wood in the evening. Note also the absence of an Electro-Diesel locomotive. This is believed to be the first time this class of unit has run on the South Eastern section under its own power.

photograph by Barrie Swann

2419 in Gatwick Express Livery

2419 at Postern Lane 25th July on its way from Chart Leacon to Lovers Walk

2419 is the second former SWT unit to appear in Gatwick Express livery. The units is seen left at Postern Lane on the evening of 25th July 2008 on its way back from Chart Leacon to Lovers Walk.

photograph by Barrie Swann

2413 at Eastbourne

2413 at Eastbourne Station on 31st July 2008

The webmaster has been waiting for a contribution of a picture of a former Wessex unit actually at Eastbourne and this shot of 2413 in the station was taken by Live Rail editor Simon Jeffs on 31st July, when the unit had been used on its own for training runs. It is believed that there will only be one peak Victoria - Eastbourne working using these superb units, much to the chagrin of Eastbourne commuters looking forward to the comfort of Mk3 mainline stock. However, they, and indeed we, do not yet know how the seating is going to be altered!