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Class 442 Feature - A Fresh Start

Class 442 refurbishments for Gatwick Express commence

47830 hauling 2412 and 2414 past Worting on 3rd December 2007

Refurbishment of former Network SouthEast/ Class 442 "Wessex Electric" units for future use by has commenced at Wolverton. The first two units, 2412 and 2414, were hauled there by 47830 on 3rd December 2007. No further units are expected to be worked on until at least March.

(left) Survivor "Duff" 47830 hauls 2412 and 2414 past worting 75 minutes late.

photograph by Ian Parrish

Unit transfers between Eastleigh and Lovers Walk

73209 leading 2402, 2406 and 73205 through Burgess Hill

There was a flurry of Class 442 activity on Tuesday 12th February 2008 when First GBRf EDLs 73205 and 73209 top and tailed a transfer of 2402 and 2406 from Eastleigh, where they have been in "warm" storage, to Lovers Walk and then in the afternoon, the same locos conveyed, over an hour later than scheduled, 2424 in the reverse direction. 2424 was the only Wessex unit not to have been stored at Eastleigh following withdrawal as on 8th February 2007 it was taken straight from C6 overhaul at Ilford to Stewarts Lane and then on 15th November 2007 moved from there to Lovers Walk.

(above) 73209, 2402, 2406 and 73205 pass through Burgess Hill with not much further to go to Lovers Walk.

photograph by Stephen Hodgson

It is currently believed:

  • All standard class accommodation will be in the trailers - i.e. the current driving trailer first will be rebuilt to a driving trailer standard open.
  • Seating in standard class will be airline 2+2, save for two sets of facing seats with tables , one each side of the gangway.
  • Door vestibules will be made larger and will have tip up seats.
  • The doors from the vestibules into the saloons will be wider.
  • Luggage racks will back onto the bulkheads to the vestibules.
  • First accommodation will be open and in the motor brake.
  • It is thought a wheelchair area plus wheelchair accessible lavatory will also be in the motor brake first.
  • Existing traction motors and equipment will be retained.

These units will only run as 10 cars providing ~600 seats compared to ~350 in an 8 car class 460, so providing a significant increase in capacity.

C6 overhauls recommence

2419 leading 73204 through Tonbridge on 29th February 2008 on their way to Chart Leacon

The rolling programme of C6 overhauls which was halted when announced it was ceasing the lease on Class 442 units has recommenced. Previously these overhauls had taken place at Ilford but they are now being undertaken at Chart Leacon; the first delivery taking this class of unit over the South Eastern section for the first time. On the 9th February First GBRf 73206 and 73208 accompanied 2417 between Eastleigh and Chart Leacon and on 29th February 73204 accompanied 2419, which are seen left passing through Tonbridge.

photograph by Colin Price