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442 Feature - A Fresh Start: Friday 13th need not bring bad news!

442409 at Brighton after arriving with the 17:45 from Victoria on 13th May 2011, copyright photograph by GB
(above) 442409 at Brighton having arrived with the 17:45 from Victoria
photograph by "GB"

Today 442409, which after withdrawal from South West Trains was mothballed at Chart Leacon and used as a donor for parts for the remainder of the Class 442 fleet, recently refurbished to Gatwick Express specification, finally returned to passenger service. Thus one thing we feared we would never see again has happened - all twenty four superb Class 442s back in service.

In company with 442411, the pair departed Stewarts Lane T&RSMD at 03:54 for Victoria, the first passenger working being the 1D08 04:30 service to Gatwick Airport. This diagram takes in two round trips to Brighton, and above it is seen prior to its early evening departure empty for Gatwick Airport to resume Gatwick Express circuits finishing at Victoria at 01:10 Saturday and Stewarts Lane at 01:35. 21 hours 41 minutes, 689 miles, not bad for a first day back at work!

published Friday 13th May