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Class 442 Feature - Ruby Rover Tour

442406 at Preston Park

After Brighton, the tour went down to Preston Park to reverse back into Hove Yard. The train then went back to Preston Park and then Reversed back into Hove Station.

photograph by Julian Whitby
442406 at Hove Station

442406 is seen here at Hove Station.

photograph by Colin Duff
Soft plush pig at Hove

An old friend came back to see us at Hove. You may remember that the soft plush pig last joined a railtour with .

photograph by David Collins
442413 at Hove

Everyone is out taking pictures and stretching their legs before the ride back to London Victoria.

photograph by David Collins
442406 leading 442413 at Redhill on the final leg of the tour
442406 leading 442413 at Redhill on the final leg of the tour.
photograph by Keith Hemsley

On behalf of the Southern Electric Group, I would like to thank and all the staff involved in the tour for doing such a great job. I would also like to thank all the people who attended the tour as part of our 40th birthday celebration. We hope everyone had a good time and we hope to see you all soon.