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Class 442 Feature - Ruby Rover Tour

442406 and 377414 at Eastbourne

442406 and 377414 are seen at Eastbourne where it is time for the tour to take lunch

photograph by Colin Duff
442406 in platform 5 at Brighton

From Eastbourne, the tour went to Brighton where 442406 is seen in platform 5.

photograph by Mark Richards
Another shot of the tour at Brighton

Another shot of the tour at Brighton.

photograph by Christopher Ward
442413 alongside 319430

442413 with 319430 alongside. 319430 happens to be the last 319 in any version of a Thameslink livery.

photograph by Colin Duff
Filling up the refreshments tank with water

By the time the tour arrived at Brighton, the train way dry (at least in respect of water for refreshments).

photograph by Colin Duff