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Class 442 Feature - Memorabilia & Publicity

Network SouthEast publicity artwork

The Wessex Electric Fleet was launched with a blaze of publicity by Network SouthEast's Publicity Department. This page contains both some of their original promotional material and Wessex Electric ephemera produced since.

This is artwork produced by for the Network SouthEast Publicity Department for use in a publicity pack. (Material courtesy of Richard Sharp)

Publicity Corkscrew

Seen left is a promotional corkscrew, perhaps inspired by "Castleman's Corkscrew" the name given to the tortuous original route of the LSWR through Dorset after its promoter who was a solicitor from Wimborne?

photograph by Roger Smith
Publicity badge from 1988
(left and right) Badges from 10 years apart!

(below) Recent badges commissioned by Bournemouth T&RSMD staff to celebrate the demise of Wessex Electric units.
Publicity badge from 1998
Wessex Electrics 1988-2007 badge SWT Class 442 badge
71B Bournemouth MPD badge 442 Squadron Piggie badge