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Class 442 Feature - The Last Day with South West Trains

twilight shot of 2410 through Brookwood

The sun is setting as 2410 passes Brookwood on the Up Fast.

photograph by Ray Stanmore
2405 in the dark at Clapham Junction

Roughly an hour and a half later, we are at Clapham Junction and 2405 is making its final trip into Waterloo with the 1B58 16.01 departure from Poole.

photograph by James Stearn
the final Wessex Electric unit departure from Waterloo

The final trip, the last passenger working of a class 442 unit out of Waterloo for - 2412 is about to depart Waterloo with the 1B69 21.05 working to Poole.

photograph by James Stearn
2412 later at Basingstoke

2412 later at Basingstoke.

photograph by James Stearn
2412 about to depart Southampton

Most enthusiasts not normally domiciled or temporarily staying overnight in Dorset had to bale out at Southampton to stand a chance of getting back home by public transport.

photograph by Ron Strutt

However a few diehards made it to Weymouth where 2412 is pictured awaiting the very last class 442 passenger working for SWT - the 23.10 to Bournemouth. The photographer being just about the only passenger!

photograph by Greg Beecroft