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Class 442 Feature - The Last Day with South West Trains

2410 in platform 2 at Basingstoke

Whilst 2412 on the railtour is wending its way through the suburbs 2410 is on its way through Basingstoke to Poole with the 1B33 12.01 departure from Waterloo. We will be seeing more of 2410 shortly.....

photograph by Robert Armstrong
2405 on the Down Fast Line through Farnborough Just under an hour later 2405 is on the Down Fast Line through Farnborough with the 1B37 13.05 Waterlo to Poole working.

photograph by Ian Parrish
2410 emerging from the sidings at Poole

Whilst on the subject of Poole, it is just before three in the afternoon and 2410 is coming out of the sidings to form the 1B54 15.01 departure to Waterloo.

photographs by Jon Samways
2410 with the 1501 service to Waterloo at Poole
2410 about to depart Bournemouth for Waterloo

Not so much later and according to the indicator 2410 has the road to depart Bournemouth.

photograph by Jon Samways