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Class 442 Feature - The Last Day with South West Trains

smile for the camera at Waterloo #1

Back at Waterloo and some final acknowldgements and celebrations.

(left) The organising team, driver and guard - note again all volunteers - pose at the buffer stops. And this is positively the last appearance of the plush pig!

photograph by Hugh O'Donnell

(below) The driver of positively the last class 442 railtour for poses at the country end.

photograph by James Mayl

Whilst have ended the lease on this rolling stock - which is popular with passengers for its superior comfort and smooth riding - for hard nosed business reasons all credit is due to the company for allowing the past to be celebrated. It is interesting to speculate if the controversial class 458 fleet gone off lease instead - would there have been officially sanctioned celebrations?

smile for the camera at Waterloo #2
the sun setting on Wessex Electric operation 159102 and 2412 at Waterloo
photographs (above left) by Neil Dinnen and (above right) by James Stearn

For 2412, a long layover at Waterloo followed before its next and final passenger working. The platform was used for other arrivals and departures including (right) a poignant meeting with new kid on ' block - though pointedly being only a few years younger - recently refurbished 159102.

2405 on the Up Fast Line through Byfleet and New Haw
photograph by Ray Stanmore

Before we cover the last class 442 run in passenger service for back to the rest of the action during the day. Above, we are back to late Saturday morning and 2405 is passing through Byfleet and New Haw with the 1B34 10.01 Poole to Waterloo working.