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Class 442 Feature - The Last Day with South West Trains

2412 down through Hampton

Having reversed at Twickenham to run back down the Kingston loop the tour turned on to the Shepperton branch at Strawberry Hill Junction and is seen here passing through Hampton. Although you cannot make it out on this small version of the photograph, on the high resolution original it is clear that the bus in the background is on route 111 running between Kingston and Heathrow Airport, currently run by Transdev (was London United).

photograph by Ray Stanmore
out of the window shot aproaching Shepperton

This is the sort of shot that really ought not to have been taken for safety reasons - even more surprising on a railway staff railtour - however it does gve a really good view of the wintry suburban countryside on the approaches to Shepperton station.  Generous lineside clearances mitigating the out of the window shot.....!

photograph by James Mayl
2412 entering the platform road at Shepperton

Meanwhile just round the bend Terry Ellis is standing at the platform end recording the arrival of the tour.

photograph by Fred Ellis
crowd at the country end of the platform at Shepperton

Everyone piles out again to get their photographs!

photograph by Neil Dinnen
the organising team - plus pig - smile for the camera

The organsing team - willing volunteers to a man - plus the plush pig, pose at Shepperton. More of the team's antcs follow on the next page.....

photograph by Neil Dinnen