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Class 442 Feature - Interior Details

MBLS (Motor Buffet Lounge Standard)

Saloon in the MBLS of 2415 The saloon portion of the MBLS of u2415 at Weymouth on 11th June 2005.

photograph by Colin Duff
Snug of an unidentified unit The "Snug" of an unidentified unit but the picture was taken between Southampton and London Waterloo on 14th August 2004.

photograph by Colin Duff
Closed buffet counter The long-closed buffet counter
buffet Inside the buffet
Looking into the guard's office from the platform Looking into the guard's office from the corridor Bicycle racks
The three pictures above show views of the guard's office with u2407 (left) at Weymouth on 13th January 2007 and u2405 (centre) at London Waterloo on 11th January 2007, and the bike racks on 2405 on the same date.
photographs by Colin Duff
buffet auxiliary control panel guard's auxiliary control panel guard's door control panel
The above three pictures are of (left) The auxiliary control panel in the buffet, (centre) the guard's auxiliary control panel, (right) the guard's door control panel.

Photographs by Ian Buck (left and centre) and Ashley Frost (right)