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Class 442 Feature - The Final Month with South West Trains

u2407 at Weymouth awaiting its return to Waterlo at 1500
photograph by Colin Duff

2407 at the end of the line - geographically as well as almost but not quite yet metaphorically.  Just out of sight are the "Jurassic Coast" signs prevalent in this part of the country. One might be tempted to write a "Dinosaur unit on the Jurassic Coast" type caption if it were not for the fact that the writer thinks these units are the pinnacle of mainline third rail unit design and it has been downhill ever since.

battered Thomas Hardy nameplate on u2407

In retrospect perhaps 2407 "Thomas Hardy" was an apt unit to run the "celebrity" Wessex Electric diagram.  Unlike a few class 442 units the name plate had not been removed by January 13th though it was rather care-worn by then.

photograph by Colin Duff
Waterloo bound 2405 in twilight at Southampton Parkway on 3rd February 2007
photograph by John Sherwin.

Wessex Electric twilight in the twilight! u2405 at Southampton Parkway on its way to Waterloo with the 15.01 departure from Poole.

u2417 and u2407 in platform 9 at Waterloo whilst u2405 is in platform 8

It is early evening and u2405 is at Waterloo waiting to form the 18.05 departure to Poole.  u2417 and u2407 have recently arrived back from Weymouth.

photograph by Darren Marshall

Saturday 13th January was the last day of "scheduled" operation, however with only eighteen class 458s units then available for service to cover eighteen diagrams, six Wessex units 2405, 2410, 2412, 2413, 2419 and 2424 (plus 2410 for three days) remained available for use until the lease on the fleet ended after February 3rd.

u2410 departing Clapham Junction for Waterloo in the January gloom

Wessex Electric units did indeed continue to be used until 3rd February. Here u2410 departs Clapham Junction for Waterloo with the 10.01 service from Poole on 22nd January.

photograph by Ian Buck
Unit activity after 13th January
Sunday 14th January
Monday 15th January
2405 NT318, 2410 NT314, 2419 NT317
2404+2406 to Eastleigh for store
Tuesday 16th January
2401 NT320pm, 2405 NT317, 2410 NT318, 2424 NT314/341
Wednesday 17th January
2401 NT318, 2405 NT320, 2410 NT315, 2424 NT317
2403+2408 to Eastleigh for store
Thursday 18th January
2405 NT317, 2410 NT320, 2412 NT315, 2413 (diag?), 2424 NT318
Friday 19th January
2405, 2410, 2413 (diags?)
2417+2422 to Eastleigh for store
Saturday 20th January
2405 NT330, 2410 NT313, 2413 NT314
Sunday 21st January
Monday 22nd January
2405 NT310, 2410 NT314, 2413 NT309
2401+2407 to Eastleigh for store, 2424 to Ilford for C6 overhaul
Tuesday 23rd January
2410 NT314/341, 2412 NT310, 2419 NT309
Wednesday 24th January
2405 (diag?), 2410 NT341, 2412 NT314/306, 2419 NT309
2414+2420 to Eastleigh for store
2413 Freightliner driver training run BMH-WEY-BMH
Thursday 25th January
2405 NT320, 2410 NT314/306, 2412 NT310/341, 2413 NT309
Friday 26th January
2405 NT309, 2410 NT341, 2412 NT314/306, 2413 NT310/341
2421 to Eastleigh for store
Saturday 27th January
2405 NT314, 2410 NT313, 2413 NT317
Sunday 28th January
Monday 29th January
2410 NT314, 2412 NT309/322, 2419 NT310/314
2409+2411 to Eastleigh for store
Tuesday 30th January
2405 NT320, 2410 NT310/341, 2412 NT309, 2413 NT314/306
Wednesday 31st January
2405 NT314, 2410 NT310, 2412 NT309
Thursday 1st February
2405 NT310, 2410 NT314, 2412 NT309
Friday 2nd February
2405, 2410, 2412 (diags?)
Saturday 3rd February
2405 NT317 modified, 2410 NT314 modified
2412 NT313 modified + railtour
2413 & 2415 to Eastleigh for store
SWT Lease ended
Monday 12th February
2412+2419 to Eastleigh for store
Thursday 15th February
2405+2410 to Eastleigh for store
Friday 16th February
2402 to Eastleigh for store