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Class 442 Feature - The Final Month with South West Trains

u2411 and u2407 at the country end of Waterloo

...and not so many minutes later at Waterloo. u2407 (with u2417) is in platform 8 intending to be the 12.05 service to Poole whilst u2411 (with u2405) is in platform 9 intending to be the 11.35 service to Weymouth - u2405 detaching at Bournemouth.  However, those circulating on platform 9 before departure could not help but notice the fitter under the MBLS of 2411 attending to a bearing on the London end motor bogie. The unit was then failed and u2407 with   u2417 being substituted as the 11.35 departure resulting passengers and enthusiasts rushing to platform 8 shortly before departure.

photograph by Colin Duff

The failed u2411 was then moved to Clapham Yard leaving u2405 to work the 12.05 to Poole.

u2407 and u2417 on the Down Fast Line through Eastleigh
photograph by John Sherwin

We continue to follow u2407 and u2417, who have taken over the "celebrity" diagram, and the these units are now comfortably into Wessex as they speed through Eastleigh.

u2407 being split from u2417 at Bournemouth

Services to and from Weymouth will continue to divide and join at Bournemouth so that only 4 or 5 cars travel to Weymouth but seeing class 442 unit spilt only had a few weeks left to be witnessed when this photograph was taken on 13th January.

photograph by Terry Wong Min
u2407 at Poole heading for Weymouth

On this occassion u2407 worked through to Weymouth and is seen here pausing at Poole.

photograph by Terry Wong Min.
u2424 on the Up Fast line through Eastleigh

Meanwhile u2424 is speeding through Eastleigh for the third time of the day working the 13.01 Poole to Waterloo service.

photograph by John Sherwin