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Class 442 Feature - Exterior Details

MBLS/MBC Body Sides

This set of pictures compares both sides of the MBLS pre and post re-building at Crewe to provide a larger passenger standard class saloon and then after the rebuilding at wolverton to replace the buffet and snug with a first class saloon, the vehicle thus become a MBC.

MBLS 62938 of 2402 - servery side

Servery/former servery side:
MBLS 62938 of 2402 at Clapham Junction on 24th May 1996.

photograph by John Lewis
MBLS 62946 of 2409 at Southampton

MBLS 62946 of 2409 at Southampton Central.

photograph by Natalie Jones
New first class saloon on 62950

Motor brake composite of 62950 for Gatwick Express use.

MBLS 62940 of 2411 - corridor side

Corridor side:
MBLS 62940 of 2411 at Clapham Yard in December 1993.

photograph by John Lewis
MBLS 62960 of 2424

MBLS 62960 of 2424 at London Waterloo

photograph by Oliver Ashmole
Motor brake composite of 62947 for Gatwick Express use

Motor brake composite of 62947 for Gatwick Express use.

MBLS Modifications

2401 - 2412 were delivered with 2 sets of double doors for bicycle and luggage space (one set of doors being either side of the gaurd's door). This was deemed to be excessive, therefore each MBLS was modified to have only one set one double doors. Somewhat fortunately, 2411 was involved in a sidescrape collision with 3070 at Wimbledon Park on 28th November 1988 and DTFo 77392 was damaged. It went to to Derby for repair on 8th December 1988, being reformed with damaged TSO 71858 & DTS 77422 (ex 2417). MBLS 62947 then had its ‘snug’ modification carried out so enabling a "float" of MBLS vehicles to allow the remaining outstanding vehicles to be modified. The process being for the donor units' MBLS to be temporarily allocated as part of ‘2411’ for approximately two weeks whilst undergoing modifications. 62947 was exchanged with 62938 (ex 2402) 28th January 1989, 62938 was exchanged with 62943 (ex 2407) 11th February 1989, 62943 was exchanged with 62948 (ex 2412) 25th February 1989, 62948 was exchanged with 62946 (ex 2410) 11th March 1989, 62946 was exchanged with 62945 (ex 2409) 25th March 1989, 62945 was exchanged with 62944 (ex 2408) 8th april 1989, 62944 was exchanged with 62941 (ex 2405) 22nd April 1989, 62941 was exchanged with 62942 (ex 2406) 6th May 1989 and finally 62942 was exchanged with 62939 (ex 2403) 20th May 1989.

Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of the original MBLS with 2 sets of double doors.