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Class 465 Liveries - Page 6


465906 at Tonbridge on 30th March 2011 showing incorrect application of livery If there is a plan behind the current livery variations, even the plan has not always been strictly adhered to! 465906 was the first 465/9 unit to return from Doncaster and it did so with an anomalous treatment. Not only has this unit retained yellow doors but the yellow has been extended to the rainstrip, whereas previously it ended level with the top of the black window band.

465906 is seen with 465904 at Tonbridge on 30 March 2011.
photograph by Colin Price
465021 approaching Sevenoaks with te 1506 from Charing Cross on 14th April 2012 On 14th April 2012 it was noticed that 465021 was still displaying the remnants of Network SouthEast flashes on its cab front, as seen here approaching Sevenoaks with the 15:06 working from Charing Cross.
465021 with 466022 at tonbridge on 2nd May 2005 However, here on 2nd May 2005 at Tonbridge 465021 has no NSE flashes. On neither occasion did the photographer notice the other cab end. So as it is unlikely Southeastern is in the business of restoring the backing fields for NSE flashes the most logical conclusion is that one cab end has them and the other does not.
both photographs by Colin Price
Well look at this, as late as 21st March 2012 a unit running around with two cars with unpainted window frames! 465173 was working down through London Bridge with 465016. However, on 9th April 465173 was hauled to Wolverton, returning to Slade Green on 28th April resplendent in its new livery. It has been confirmed that 465173 was the last Networker with unpainted window frames.
photograph by Colin Price

Southeastern white/black window cheat line/white equipment covers/light blue doors

465004 and 465165 at Gillingham on 13th August 2010 Things now started getting messy and it appeared there were either comparative trials going on, or a breakdown in livery policy, or,as it eventually transpired, units turned out part-done.

Some units emerged from works with bodywork and equipment covers in white, with just the doors and window cheat line to relieve the brightness.
465008 at London Bridge on 1st February 2011 (above) 465004 bringing up the rear of an 8 car train at Gillingham on 13th August 2010.
photograph by Pat Seale

465008 at London Bridge on 1st February 2011.
photograph by Colin Duff
465177 was still in the most basic of transitional liveries on 25th March 2012. It is seen here at Waterloo East with 465177 whilst working the 13:26 Charing Cross to Gravesend.
photograph by Colin Price