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London Bridge Upgrade

Network Rail poster explaining milestones in the Thameslink development

The rebuilding of London Bridge station and its environs is now well underway. This redevelopment is to improve through-train capacity and flow in connection with the Thameslink Programme. The route between Blackfriars and London Bridge has long been a bottleneck - a victim of the huge sucess of Thameslink. The Network Rail poster to the left explains the timescale.

New bridge over Borough High Street on 3rd January 2012

Lester Hayes paid a flying visit to London Bridge on 3rd January 2012 and took these two photographs.

The very modern new bridge over Borough High Street is a major contrast to the existing plate girder bridges to the north of it.

The forecourt bus station and daylight! In the webmaster's opinion the forecourt bus garage was a gloomy place even on the brightest days and although protection from the weather has gone the ambiance is much improved now the canopy has been removed.
The concourse viewed from te footbridge between platforms 10 and 11 The concourse beyond the barrier line of the terminal platforms was also confined and gloomy. Just at the moment there is daylight!
View towards the ticket gates taken on 15th March 2012

This photograph taken on 15th March at 08:42:38 shows that "traffic lights", or more correctly flow direction indicators, have been fitted above the ticket gates.

photograph by Ian Docwra