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Farringdon Redevelopment

Network Rail poster explaining milestones in the Thameslink development

The rebuilding of Farringdon station is now well underway. This redevelopment is in connection with the Thameslink and Crossrail Programmes. Extending the Network Rail platforms to permit 12 car trains is a major feature, as are new footbridges and circulating areas.

Kim Rennie visited Farringdon on 20th December 2011 and Lester Hayes on 11th January 2012 to view and photograph the development.

The Network Rail poster to the left explains the timescale of the Thameslink Programme.
photograph by Lester Hayes

Exterior of the new entrance

The new spacious street entrance on Farringdon Road. The original entrance to the station is on Cowcross Street.

photograph by Kim Rennie

Notoce about the new ticket hall

This poster explains it all!

photograph by Kim Rennie

Te new booking hall and ticket barrier line from the street


This is part of the new 1600 square metre ticket hall. Farringdon is already a busy station. Once Crossrail services are running it will be an even busier station so large circulating areas are required.

photograph by Kim Rennie

New wide staircase

Multiple wide exits and entrances from the platforms will aid the flow of passengers. This is a vast improvement on the old arrangements at Farringdon

photograph by Kim Rennie