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Blackfriars Redevelopment

Through platforms looking south in a roofed area Blackfriars will be a very "green "station with a farm of solar panels in and rainwater harvesting from its roof.
Platforms looking south ina currently unroofed area In these two views of the through platforms, looking south, the underside of the roof is currently not the prettiest of architectural sights.
from Blackfriars Bridge, loking at the roof and old piers
Above: This shot taken from the south end of Blackfriars bridge shows the "northlight" pattern of the roof - the part of the roof closest to the camera (i.e. west side) covering the new terminal platforms - and how the old long-disused piers are being used to aid the construction over the river.

The new Blackfriars station now covers the entire length of the bridge over the River Thames, providing a new entrance on the South Bank, which we will be coming to shortly.
sout station throat Looking off the southern end of the through platforms shows how switching the through lines to the east side avoids the conflicting movements with terminating services which previously constricted capacity at the station.