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Blackfriars Redevelopment January 2012

Lester Hayes visited Blackfriars on the 11th January 2012 to photograph the progress of the redevelopment.

New north station building, reflective glass frontage substantially complete

Above: There is still a lot of building to be completed behind this but the highly reflective glass frontage of the new north station building, by Blackfriars Bridge, was well underway.

Below: This sign illustrates the new north entrance arrangements, although why the entrance is stated to "remain" open, rather than merely "be" open is a curious use of English.
Station sign, with map of noth side arrangments
Passageway behind new north entrance These pictures remind the SEG Webmaster of the redevelopment of Liverpool Street, where there were temporary passageways allowing passengers to get to and from the platforms whilst the building work took place around, above and below the public.
Ticket barrier line in passageway Behind the new north frontage is a warren of passageways, awaiting a building. Walk far enough in and you get to a temporary ticket barrier.
A long staircase on the north side The new Blackfriars is characterised by long staircases. Presumably to permit disabled access, lifts will follow when there is a building to contain them