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Blackfriars Terminus Platforms Closure

465017 and 465909 arrive with the 17+31 empty stock move from Bellingham on March 17th 209

Illustrating the busy peak commuter operation in swing on March 17th. 465017 and 465909 arrive with the 17+31 empty stock move from Bellingham.

photograph by Colin Price


465909 with the 18:00 to Ashford on 17th March

Resulting from the above, "Wealden" refurbished Networker 465909 (and 465017) board homeward-bound passengers for the 18:00 departure to Ashford International on 17th March.

photograph by Colin Price


465030 with the 16:42 to Sevenoaks on March 20th 2009

Ashley Saunders visited Blackfriars on its last afternoon of operation as a terminus. BREL/ABB Networker 465030 (note the smaller "3" numeral) will work the 16:42 service to Sevenoaks, which from March 23rd again becomes part of the Thameslink network with joint First Capital Connect/Southeastern services.

photograph by Ashley Saunders


On 20th March 2009 465029 approaches platform 3

No more conflicting movements from 23rd March! Here, on 20th March, 465029 approaches platform 3.

photograph by Ashley Saunders


Track alrday removed from the bay platforms

No time was wasted and by the morning of Sunday 22nd March track had already been lifted from the bay platforms.

photograph by Lester Hayes