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Mitcham Eastfields Page 3

Level crossing, footbridge and down platform We now switch to looking at the down platform. Despite the yellow box hatching and frequent trains motorists still queue across the level crossing!
Interior of the footbridge The interior of the station footbridge was still under construction even though the station had been in use for just over a month and it being two days before the station's official opening. The bridge also has lift access but the two lifts had not been commissioned when the photographs were taken.
Down platform canopy, communicator and ticket machine The basic but stylish canopy arrangement. Note also the passenger information communicator and the new style ticket machines; the latter being unable to cope with sign-for credit cards.
The down platform looking towards the up platform The down platform, looking towards the up platform. Besides the proximity of the level crossing on Eastfields Road , both the approaching signalling and the two footbridges dictated the use of staggered platforms rather than being positioned opposite each other.
DOO monitors on the down platform DOO monitor delineation point

(far left) The DOO (driver only operation) monitors 3 & 4 on the down platform. The station has four pairs of monitors in total.

(left) Painted marks on the platform coping stones delineate the point from which each DOO monitor becomes effective. This mark is for monitor no.3 on the down platform.