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Mitcham Eastfields station opens 2nd June 2008

Taken from the down platform, platform 2, showing the staggered platform layout and up platform
>Amidst more than a slight element of confusion (since train indicators and 's website was saying the opening had been delayed until later in the week) on Monday 2nd June the new Mitcham Eastfields station was unceremoniously opened with the 2E72 15:50 Victoria to Epsom service being the first down service to call at 16:09 closely followed by the 2E71 15:48 Epsom to Victoria being the first up service to stop a minute later. Even with trains now calling, as 16:45 the indicators on the platform were stating the opening was still delayed! services did not serve the station until the following day due to issues with DOO (Driver Only Operation) monitors.

All photographs on this page by Ian Docwra
377141 calling at platform 2 with an Epsom working 377141 called at the new station during the first hour with the 16:29 ex-London Bridge service to Epsom and fortunately for us Ian Docwra was on board with his camera, on his way home from work, and he stepped off at Eastfields. Here from the up end of the down platform (platform 2) the staggered platform layout can clearly be seen.
377141 departing the down platform to Epsom 377141 then departs for Epsom.
455837 brings up the rear of a non stopping up service An 8.455 formation passing through with 455837 on the rear.
455803 at the head of a down Horsham working Another down train to stop, just outside of the first hour, was the 17:07 working to Horsham consisting of 455803 at the front and an unidentified class 456 unit to the rear.