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East Croydon Redevelopment: Royal Mail Conveyor Removed

Cladding reoved from the shaft on platforms 1 & 2

Work commenced on 13th November 2011 to remove Royal Mail's disused conveyor that links the three island platforms at East Croydon to the adjacent sorting office on the south east side of the station.

Lester Hayes visited on 18th November, and whilst the structure was still largely complete, saw the early stages of the demolition.

The conveyor above platforms 5 & 6

(above) By the 18th November removal of cladding had started on the tower on platforms 1 & 2.


(left) This shot shows how the conveyer runs above the buildings on platforms 5 & 6.

The conveyor snaking over teh platforms as seen from te north end of platforms 5 & 6 Seen from the north end of platforms 5 & 6, how the conveyor snakes from platforms 1 & 2 (extreme right), over platforms 3 & 4, then along platforms 5 & 6 until it turns left into the sorting office can clearly be seen.
The snaking conveyor seen from the south end of the station The snaking conveyor as seen from Billinton Hill at the south end of the station.
The conveyor entering the sorting office

The conveyor leaves the station and crosses Billinton Hill to provide direct access to the sorting office (on the left).

The major demolition will take place between the early hours of Christmas Day and the early hours of December 27th 2011. It will be replaced by a new footbridge which will eventually link the Ruskin Square and Lansdowne Road developments.