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There's No Business Like Snow Business!

Sevenoaks on Tuesday 3rd February 2009.  377417 + 377463 call with 18:30 Charing Cross - Tunbridge Wells

Co-operation in adversity (well they are both part of Govia!). As Southern were not running any trains on Tonbridge - Redhill all day there were a pair of 377s standing spare at Tonbridge. With Southern's permission, these were used (with a Tonbridge crew) to work two additional Charing Cross - Tunbridge Wells peak services at 16:30 and 18:30 from Charing Cross. Seen here at Sevenoaks 377417 + 377463 call with 18:30 Charing Cross - Tunbridge Wells.

photograph by Colin Price


319381 at East Crodon on 4th February

Still very wintry looking, but at least with clear sunny skies in the morning and services had restored to near-normal - this is East Croydon on Wednesday 4th. First Capital Connect 319381 is working towards London Bridge.

photograph by Oliver Ashmole


450545 at Waterloo on a Kingston Roundabout service on Wednesday 4th February

Adverse weather like this delightfully causes unusual workings. In addition to the usual Class 455s the Kingston Roundabout services also saw use of High Capacity Desiros and even a Class 458. (Though arguably these do not match the celebrated use of a 4Rep on a Kingston Roundabout during disruption in the increasingly distant past!) There was still dislocation on Wednesday with a HC Desiro continuing to work a Kingston Roundabout, seen here at Waterloo. HC Desiros are not regulars to the lower numbered suburban platforms at Waterloo.

photograph by Ian Docwra


159019 passing down through New Malden on 4th February 2009

Conditions, at least in the vicinity of London, had improved by Wednesday 4th. However, this South West Trains down working with 159019 and 159010 passing through New Malden is heading towards the part of the country where the next wave of heavy snow fell. i.e. the south west!

photograph by Oliver Ashmole


377140 and a still very snowy Tattenham Corner on Thursday 5th February

The South East was not spared too long with a further wave of snow which in some parts, such as the high and exposed Epsom Downs, settled. 377140 is turning round at a decidedly Arctic-looking Tattenham corner on Thursday 5th.

photograph by Southern Driver