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There's No Business Like Snow Business!

465040 and 465014 at London Bridge on 3rd February 2009

Trais were running through London Bridge on the Tuesday. 465040 has not yet lost the snow from its roof, whereas sister Networker 465014 is clear of snow.

Gatwick Express EDL 73202 "Dave Berry" and 465163 at London Bridge on Tuesday 3rd February 2009

Gatwick Express "thunderbird" locomotive Electro-Diesel 73202 "Dave Berry" put in a surprise appearance at London Bridge. 465163 is in the foreground.

photographs by Nick Hair


Customer information system display at Ewell West on 3rd February 2009 One station further up the line (by the South West Trains route to Raynes Park) at Ewell West the platform display now reflects the suspension of service.
MPV DR98972 and DR98922 passing through Ewell West on the afternoon of 3rd February 2009

MPVs DR98972 & DR98922 pass through Ewell West whilst the platform is being cleared in anticipation of service being restored.

photographs by Oliver Ashmole


377142 at Sutton on 3rd February 2009

377142 had been stranded at Sutton since Sunday night - note the snow covered rails in front of the unit. On Tuesday it was recovered to Selhurst as the 5Z50 ECS working.

photograph by Southern Driver