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SWT Seaside Slammers Specials: Public Tour Page 1

The public tour a week later saw even hotter and sunnier weather!  The timetable was almost the same as the previous week but with the photo stop at Clandon being omitted.  As planned 3417 was paired with blue and grey 3Cig 1497 giving the formation a distinctly early 1970s look.  Both units were turned out to an extremely high standard with them positively sparkling in the sunshine reminding us that Rail Blue and Grey colours can be stunning when glossy, clean and in good light.  1st class ticket for the public tour
ECS at Wimbledon The ECS working up through Wimbledon

photograph by James Stearn
PIS at Waterloo The indicator screen at Waterloo

Photograph by Terry Wong Min
a smile at Guildford Both tours were characterised by their good nature from SWT staff, celebrants on the tour and other passengers waiting at stations whilst the tour passed through. Here is a cheery smile from the management as the tour passed through Guildford.

photograph by Terry Wong Min

Unfortunately South West Trains were having a bad morning on the Portsmouth Direct and west coastway lines due to a points failure in the Cosham area resulting in some slow running Havant to St Denys  and then due to losing its timetabled slot points west thereafter.  Arrival at Brockenhurst and then Weymouth was 13 minutes late despite the Brockenhurst photo stop being shortened to prevent the following Bournemouth service being delayed.

The return trip also departed on time and despite a cracking run from Bournemouth some slow running in the London approaches and a signal check outside Waterloo prevented the run being non stop from Bournemouth. There was a consequent 10 minute late arrival, the return journey from Bournemouth being reported as taking 1 hour 51 minutes and 31 seconds. In both directions the tour was waved at by public and railway staff alike, not to mention the occasional hoots of farewell from the horns of other trains.

Many grateful thanks are due to South West Trains and their staff for running these two tours.  We hope they enjoyed the occasions as much as those travelling on the tours.

almost a scene from the 1970s or 1980s at Haslemere

1497 at the London end of the formation at Haslemere.

photograph by Colin Duff

no rescue required for the tour

Just to add to the entertainment of what was primarily an enthusiasts' tour, SWT's second "Thunderbird" Electro-Diesel 73201, sparking in its recently painted Desiro colours, put in an appearance at Haslemere to follow the tour down the Portsmouth direct on rescue duties (not for our Vep or Cig!).

photograph by James Stearn