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Sussex Slammer Railtour: Littlehampton

pbig_litcis.jpg (48249 bytes) The Customer Information Screen (CIS) at Littlehampton informing all of the significance of the working (and it appears, from the incorrect destination warning, to cover-backs in an increasingly blame and claim society).   Whilst at Littlehampton the webmaster learned from platform staff that CIS is for stations, PIS (Passenger information Screen) is for trains. Presumably customers officially become passengers once they are on the train! The incorrect destinations were advertising this train variously as the 1352 Eurostar and Connex Express service to Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil and Llanfairpwll !

photograph by Paul Bigland, used with permission

The train is also having a break at Littlehampton The lunch break at Littlehampton was shortened as a result of the revision to the timetable required by splitting the first leg of the tour. However, an approximately 15 minute early arrival partially compensated.   The Mayor of Littlehampton was present to witness the tour's arrival though his town had been experiencing (some pasengers might claim - enduring) the last public services by Mk1 EMUs. 1805 is at the head of the train waiting for its next leg to Preston Park.

photograph by Scot Bearford

A line of bottles of Southen Slammer Real Ale 1000 bottles of "Southern Slammer" bottle conditioned real ale had been especially brewed by The Felstar Brewery, Essex, for sale by Innovations, the tour's caterers, on this and the previous week's staff tour.  Every opportunity was taken to push sales, including platform marketing!  Now where is that recent news story about deterring drinking of alcohol by those using public transport?

photograph by Don Benn

The tour has the road The tour is about to depart Littlehampton, note the position of the semaphore signal, and the signalman takes the opportunity for a photograph too!

photograph by David Wood