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Sussex Slammer Railtour: Horsham to Arundel

3514+1805 at Horsham Had the tour been run as a 12 car formation throughout there might have been a tendency to overlook 3514, the Vep.   However, as it had a period at the front and rear of the first portion it did gain more exposure.  Having been on the second portion the webmaster/photographer caught up with it again at Horsham, the break there being required for a crew change.

photograph by Colin Duff

The next driver pictured at Horsham The driver of the next leg of the tour at Horsham.

photograph by Colin Watts

Passenger information display at Horsham No jokey platform indication at Horsham. Could this be the definitive confirmation that the tour was indeed the final slam door working by Southern?

photograph by Colin Duff

With 1866 leading, the tour is about to enter the platform road at Pulborough Part way down the Mid Sussex line, the tour is about to pass through Pulborough.

photograph by Jon Samways

Cig + Vep + Cig through Arundel

The size we are able to reproduce photographs on this website (for download time reasons) does not do justice to the original photograph which is far more scenic.  Having passed through the South Downs, the tour is now on the coastal plain as it approaches Arundel.
photograph by Steve Trillwood