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Sussex Slammer Railtour: London Bridge

The first portion of the tour has reached London Bridge The first portion of the tour at the buffer stops of platform 12 at London Bridge. The second portion is awaited.

photograph by Scot Bearford

1866 approaching the units already in platform 12 With the first leg of the tour being run as two portions it gave the railtourers on the first portion more than ample time to get into position to photograph the arrival of the second portion (and/or grab some mid-morning refreshment on the station).  Here, some ten minutes ahead of time, is 1866 slowly approaching the 3514 (and 1805) already in platform 12.

photograph by Seth Anderson-Crook

The train being joined up again at London Bridge The joining of the units - could this be the last time Mk1 EMUs are joined in service? - attracted much attention on both sides of the train. This photographer travelling on the second portion and thus not able to stake a good position on the platform in time knew when he stood no chance and instead decided to record for posterity the scrum photographing the event!

photograph by Colin Duff

The whole train awaiting departure The united train awaiting departure for Littlehampton.

photograph by Don Benn