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Sussex Slammer Railtour: East Grinstead to South Croydon

Mk1 units pass for the very last time The second portion southbound passed the first portion northbound just north of East Grinstead. The chill of the morning was even deeper in the cutting!  This picture records almost certainly the very last time Mk1 EMUs pass each other in passenger service.

photograph by Jon Samways

sbf1866grinstead.jpg (49032 bytes) 1866 was next to occupy platform 1 at East Grinstead being there between 0940 and 0950.  This portion was shown as the 0950 racecourse service to Plymouth!  Joking aside, it was almost certainly the last slam door service at East Grinstead.

photograph by Scot Bearford

The last Mk1 EMU on the East Grinstead branch By the look of the roofs and undergrowth the weak winter sun had burned off the frost by the time 1866 passes back through Lingfield on its way to London Bridge.

photograph by Steve Trillwood

1805 leading 3514 up through South Croydon The first portion of the tour is on its way to London Bridge and is seen here passing through South Croydon station whilst passing refurbished 455805.

photograph by Richard Thomas