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Sussex Slammer Railtour: Victoria to East Grinstead

1866 held outside East Croydon 1866, the second portion of the first leg of the tour, was held just after Windmill Bridge Junction, East Croydon. The chill of the morning can be seen on the ballast and on roofs!

photograph by Richard Thomas

Slam door dumped by the trackside just north of East Croydon Whilst 1866 was held outside of East Croydon the webmaster/photographer, who was on board, could not help noticing out of the window this inappropriate memorial to slam doors at the side of the line!  With the second portion departing Victoria only two minutes behind the first it had to make the journey to East Grinstead eleven minutes slower so that only one portion of the tour was in the station at one time.  The other platform there had to be left clear for service trains to use.

photograph by Colin Duff

The tour in frosty conditions through Lingfield A little later than when the above photographs of the second portion were taken, the first portion passes through Lingfield.

photograph by Steve Trillwood

Cig 1805 in platform 1 at East Grinstead The first portion of the train in platform 1 at East Grinstead between 0927 and 0932.  As is becoming customary with farewell railtours the station indicator screens were showing jokey destinations, this train was advertised as the 0932 to Mallaig!

photograph by Seth Anderson Crook